Music on my mind or...Scotch

Last week you read my post on how I had a fab evening when I got to spend some time with Randeep, Dino Mandira and Coco. This friday saw the sequel to that where I got to be part of a Pub crawl with the super amazing Mind Redaer, Magician Nakul Shenoy( He is so cute!) and my favourite since channel V days, Anushka Manchanda! 

We first met and assembled at The Permit Room where Anushka and Nakul spoke about what Scotch meant to them. We quickly moved to Arbor next where they got behind the bar and whipped up some amazing cocktails with Scotch!Anushka went with the West Coast Julep made with the iconic Johnnie Walker Black Label while Nakul created Sunset Cinnamon infused with Black Dog Black Reserve.

The highlight of the evening was when Nakul showed off his mind reading skills and Anushka broke into a small jig to entertain the crowd!

To Anushka, Scotch is the world’s favourite whisky and her love for it is timeless. She mentioned that her father’s favourite Scotch Whisky is Johnnie Walker Black Label.

To Nakul, he said, I enjoy and savour my glass of Vat69 Scotch Whisky. It embodies the spirit of being unique and doing things differently which resonates with me. The pub crawl was amazing fun and a great way to showcase our love for Scotch Whisky. I now realize it is no easy task to make cocktails as it needs skill and technique to do so. Whether neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, there is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch whisky, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.”

To experience what we did, here are the recipes to the Cocktails that were made:

  • Black and White: Orange and Mint Julep

45ml Black and White, 4 slices of orange, 8-10 mint leaves, topped with Ginger ale. This drink is built in a hi-ball glass over cubed ice and stirred quickly before service.

Share your love for scotch with this sweet and refreshing drink -grainy and sweet notes of this exceptionally smooth Scotch whisky combined with the citrusy notes of orange pronounced with an aroma of mint.

  • Black Dog Black Reserve: Sunset Cinnamon
45ml Black Dog Black Reserve, 10 ml Cinnamon syrup, 2 of Maraschino Cherries, 5 dashes Angostura bitters. Stir all the ingredients over ice and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Unwind yourself with our twist on the classic American cocktail, a rich sweetness from cinnamon stirred with Scotch and bitters served on the rocks.

  • Red Label: The Red Label Mule
45ml Johnnie Walker Red Label, 2 squeezes fresh lime, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters and topped with Ginger ale. This drink is built in a hi-ball glass over cubed ice and stirred quickly before service to mix.

This simple serve displays Johnnie Red label at its finest, marrying the spice and smoky notes with ginger ale, a squeeze of citrus and a splash of bitters.

  • Black Label: West Coast Julep
45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label, 20 ml ginger infused honey syrup, 30ml apple juice, 10 fresh mint leaves, 5 ml lime juice. Add all ingredients to shaker and shake hard. Then double strain into a rocks glass, add crushed ice and serve with a fresh mint sprig garnish.

Our twist on the classic American cocktail, fresh mint and a rich honey sweetness are shaken with apple and served on crushed ice for this nod to a whisky classic.


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