Mystery on a Vacation? I love it

I have been travelling since the last 10 days. I have travelled almost 3000 kms in these 10 days and nothing apart from the Rann of Kutch excited me. It was an adventure. Now something funny happened. I am in Rajkot right now and somebody called me up and said they needed to deliver something really urgently to me. I gave them the local address because it seemed important.

Cut to today. I got this funny box that has Bon 6 wirrten all over it. It looks like a nice phone to me and I cannot wait to reveal this mystery in the next two days! ;)

One of the features they say of this is that it has "Super Surround Sound". It has got a nice heavy crunch to it when you break it. Isn't that what you want from your Bon 6??

Interesting? Amazed? Puzzled? Watch out for more clues right here or check out:


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