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Indus Health Plus at your Service!

Did you know that today, many youngsters die of heart attacks because of stress and wrong diets? The level of risk today is much higher with the increased stress levels and our erratic schedules that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

I had just been diagnosed with a Vit D deficiency and I had started to get the jitters. What if I had any other illnesses. That is when I had Indus Health Plus approach me to get a full body health check up which we also know as a preventive health check up. This health check up is an intense one and you need to spend one whole day at the hospital for all your tests to finish. It tells you what you need to do and what measures need to be taken in order to live a healthy lifestyle. I was given options to choose between Apollo hospital and Vikram Hospitals. I chose Vikram because it was closer to home. 

I would recommend everyone to take these tests once you are 30, but in today's scenario, this needs to be taken at 25 once, 35, and next at 50. This covers…

Lakmé Salon Rewards all Beautiful Indian Women on Women's Day

I would always wonder why my mother always used Lakme products, until I started using them. Lakme products are always pocket friendly, have a wide range of products suitable for all skin types. Lakme absolute salons are the best way to pamper yourself.

'Lakme for Life' a new reward program by Lakme India, was announced on 5th March at the Lakme Salon at MG road, aims at rewarding 8  lucky customers with expert salon services for the next 8 years, completely free. These 8 women will be rewarded on 8th March to coincide with Women's Day this year. These 8 lucky ladies will win free salon services equivalent to their previous year’s spends at Lakmé Salons, each year, for 8 years!

Aindrita Ray, a renowned Kannada Actress who graced the audience to felicitate the Lakmé for Life winner Ashwini KT, with a personalized ‘Lakmé for Life’ card, autographed by the Lakmé brand ambassador, Shraddha Kapoor. At the ceremony held to felicitate the Lakmé for Life winner, Aindrita Ray …

Unconditional love Offer

Mobile phone giant, Asus have tied up with Flipkart to come up with a  special offer to give the customers the  Flagship Zenphone 5 at an attractive prize!

People can go to this page directly and book a Zenphone.

The #UnconditionalLove Ad campaign can be seen here on youtube.

Cracking the Bon 6 mystery!

Well well, it has been exciting hasn't it? You have seen me tweet, post and tease you all with my clue's and codes. It was this moment that you were waiting for.

Don't wait further. Go see this video first and then read further.

Now that you know what Bon 6 really was, I cannot wait to taste it and tell you how much more yummy and chocloaty this is. Being a total chocolate lover, this is heaven to me. Extra chocolate, extra crunch, extra energy and what more? It comes in handy packs so that I can take it any where and stay recharged.

Go grab your packet soon and also do not forget to participate in the contests, because this is not over yet!!

Mystery on a Vacation? I love it

I have been travelling since the last 10 days. I have travelled almost 3000 kms in these 10 days and nothing apart from the Rann of Kutch excited me. It was an adventure. Now something funny happened. I am in Rajkot right now and somebody called me up and said they needed to deliver something really urgently to me. I gave them the local address because it seemed important.

Cut to today. I got this funny box that has Bon 6 wirrten all over it. It looks like a nice phone to me and I cannot wait to reveal this mystery in the next two days! ;)

One of the features they say of this is that it has "Super Surround Sound". It has got a nice heavy crunch to it when you break it. Isn't that what you want from your Bon 6??

Interesting? Amazed? Puzzled? Watch out for more clues right here or check out: