Its Oktoberfest Time

Burrp! invited us last week to Barleyz the micro brewery set up in Koramangla, Bangalore to look around and learn something about the process of brewing beer. Barleyz is a premier micro- brewery in the heart of city with amazing ambiance and a roof top restaurant.

At Barleyz we met their master brewer Mr Malleishwaran who has been with them since the start and has over 25 years of experience in brewing Beer. I was very excited to actually see the process.  They have a two tanks with a capacity of about 500 litres and are placed on the roof top with adequate shelter. The first container is where the initial crushing take place and then it is transferred to the second container for mixing and filtration process. Once the second container finishes its job, the batch is again transferred to the first container where it undergoes the heating process. This entire process takes about 8 hours to complete. These completed batches are then sent to the final 1000 lts containers, located behind the bar for the end process. Two batches at the micro brewery will fill up one container. This is the process that makes sure that we get tasty beer. Here the final removal of yeast, fermentation, etc takes place. Barleyz has 10 of these 1000 litres beer containers to make sure that all their customers never feel the short of alcohol on any given day (except dry days).

On a normal day, Barleyz serves four different kinds of beers, wheat, Barleyz special, stout and lager. The wheat and the lager are mild beer and the Barleyz special is just perfect. Stout as you know is extremely bitter and strong. The Barleyz special was a instant hit with all the bloggers as it had a unique taste and was well received by all. Do not miss this the next time you are around there.

Food that we were served as part of the Oktoberfest menu was delicious. Though it was only starters, we had a whole table filled with it. We were literally spoilt for choice. My favourites were Spring rolls and a different kind of Paneer tikka that was served. It was nice and spicy yet had a tomato tinge to it.

At the end of it we got on to the dance floor and let our hair down to groove on some nice trance music.

Pictures below


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