Special anniversary menu at Sanctum Club - Chic Tapas Bar

When I first received the invite to visit Sanctum Club, I was excited. I had been there exactly a month before to celebrate my mother's birthday and that is when I decided to make this a regular place to visit. It was love at first, and second time too.

We went up and met the amazing staff of Sanctum and Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona, who is a Spaniard but has been with Sanctum for a year, dishing out his creations that are a super hit there. We were then explained about how Chef makes his dishes and what his inspirations are. Most of his dishes are some, that he used to normally have back at home.

The special anniversary menu for the evening was made with dishes taken out of the general menu and mixed with few of the Chef's exclusive creations. Here's a look at the menu:

From the options that we were given, I being a vegetarian, my obvious choice was the Broccoli and Almonds Espresso. I had, unfortunately had a tooth extracted the same day and could not have anything piping hot! I let this cool down a bit and had it. The soup was just right. Not too spicy, nor bland. It was tasty and soothing.

The starter was Grilled Aubergine and Wild Rocket. Full credits to the Chef to cut down on the bitterness of the Rocket leaves. The taste of the balsamic vinegar was prominent and the Aubergine, tasted sweet.

That brought us to the main dish of the evening, which was the Wild Mushroom Risotto with truffle oil. IT MADE MY EVENING! It was so good, that I would have ordered for a second round, if my tooth was intact. The sweet buttery taste made me go gaga over and honestly I am not a big fan of mushrooms, but here I finished every morsel.

Sunny side up with the starter was White Chocolate Mousse, Liquid Mango Sphere, Apple Fries and Strawberry Ketchup. The chef specifically asked us to have the mango sphere whole and then bite into it. We had it as directed. The minute I bit into it, my mouth was filled with tasty and tangy mango juice. The mousse had chunks of white chocolate that tasted really nice in the mouth.

The evening was one to cherish and all credit to Burrp! for inviting us to this wonderful extravaganza. Happy Anniversary Sanctum Club! :)


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