Four Seasons: Red Wine Review

Four Seasons is a wine that is made by the UB group Wines division. A few months back we had a bloggers meet where we were made to taste the amazing Red and white wine of the Brand. I also had the Red wine delivered home a few days back so that I can write a detailed review about it.

Well any form of alcohol is a body relaxant. And wine is best when you are with your loved one and want to relax and unwind. The Four Seasons wine is perfect for it. The breathtaking landscape of the Western Ghats is endowed with perfect natural conditions to nurture the fine French varieties of wine grapes. With gravely soils that are rich in iron with good drainage and mild weather throughout the year, the Sahyadri valley forms an ideal terroir for grape growing. The controlled yield of grapes ensures good concentration of aromas and a well-rounded structure on the palate, giving each wine a special identity.

The wine has a unique bitter sweet taste of its own that slowly unfurls its flavour in your mouth once consumed. It is deep red in colour and leaves light stains on the glass defining its class. I personally enjoy having my wines slowly but this one is just irresistible. I NEED to finish my glass first and ask for more.

Some tasting notes about it.

Four Seasons Cabernet Sauvignon

Type : Still Red Wine

Grapes : Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin : Baramati, Maharashtra, India

Style: Dry

Tasting notes:
Colour : Deep black cherry red colour.
Aroma : Strikingly fruity nose of blackcurrants and crushed berries combine with hints and smoke and tobacco.
Palate : Well structured with a good concentration of smooth tannins. A very impressive full-bodied wine with a lingering finish.

Serving suggestion: Enjoyed best at 16 - 18ยบ C with barbeque dishes, steaks and/or medium-spiced heavier Indian and international dishes.


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