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Chili's on my Plate!!

Chili's. I had seen this wonderful reataurant at Orion Mall a lot of times. That because the kind of shopoholic that I am, I tend to visit malls really often. I had the pleasure of visiting the Indiranagar outlet of Chili's. The is place is huge and has a different vibe to it, that can be enjoyed by everyone, be it young or old. I do not really enjoy restaurants that play blaring music into the ears of the customers, but the choice of music here is good and the volume is just right to either enjoy the music or to have a conversation with your friends, family, date, acquaintance, colleagues, etc.

Its Oktoberfest Time

Burrp! invited us last week to Barleyz the micro brewery set up in Koramangla, Bangalore to look around and learn something about the process of brewing beer. Barleyz is a premier micro- brewery in the heart of city with amazing ambiance and a roof top restaurant.

At Barleyz we met their master brewer Mr Malleishwaran who has been with them since the start and has over 25 years of experience in brewing Beer. I was very excited to actually see the process.  They have a two tanks with a capacity of about 500 litres and are placed on the roof top with adequate shelter. The first container is where the initial crushing take place and then it is transferred to the second container for mixing and filtration process. Once the second container finishes its job, the batch is again transferred to the first container where it undergoes the heating process. This entire process takes about 8 hours to complete. These completed batches are then sent to the final 1000 lts containers, located …

Special anniversary menu at Sanctum Club - Chic Tapas Bar

When I first received the invite to visit Sanctum Club, I was excited. I had been there exactly a month before to celebrate my mother's birthday and that is when I decided to make this a regular place to visit. It was love at first, and second time too.

We went up and met the amazing staff of Sanctum and Chef Joaquin Albarreal Arjona, who is a Spaniard but has been with Sanctum for a year, dishing out his creations that are a super hit there. We were then explained about how Chef makes his dishes and what his inspirations are. Most of his dishes are some, that he used to normally have back at home.

The special anniversary menu for the evening was made with dishes taken out of the general menu and mixed with few of the Chef's exclusive creations. Here's a look at the menu:

From the options that we were given, I being a vegetarian, my obvious choice was the Broccoli and Almonds Espresso. I had, unfortunately had a tooth extracted the same day and could not have anything pip…

BLUMERQ announces trendy Spring-Summer’14 collection

Blumerq, a trendy clothesline for men with over 300 fashion stores nationwide, announced its spring and summer ’14 collection offering a wide range of exclusivecasual’s apparel, from tees to polos, shirts, bottoms and denims.
Blumerq Spring/Summer 2014 collection – This season’s collection expresses digital aesthetics & sensuous nature with interplay of colors & splashes of bright shades in tandem with Brand’s inspiration - Music. The colour palette boasts of lime green, yellows and sea blues accompanied by gray tones in hazy print effects.SS14 collection is offered using various wash techniques giving a vintage summer feel.

Blumerq Tees and Polos – Crew and V neck Tees are crafted with Tie dye & ombre dye technique. Also, introducing a new range with special treatments by giving a washed down as well as a techno feel that can be worn both at a casual evening gathering or a leisure outing. The polos are in dark tones using different techniques from tie dye to color sprays. A…

Four Seasons: Red Wine Review

Four Seasons is a wine that is made by the UB group Wines division. A few months back we had a bloggers meet where we were made to taste the amazing Red and white wine of the Brand. I also had the Red wine delivered home a few days back so that I can write a detailed review about it.

Well any form of alcohol is a body relaxant. And wine is best when you are with your loved one and want to relax and unwind. The Four Seasons wine is perfect for it. The breathtaking landscape of the Western Ghats is endowed with perfect natural conditions to nurture the fine French varieties of wine grapes. With gravely soils that are rich in iron with good drainage and mild weather throughout the year, the Sahyadri valley forms an ideal terroir for grape growing. The controlled yield of grapes ensures good concentration of aromas and a well-rounded structure on the palate, giving each wine a special identity.

The wine has a unique bitter sweet taste of its own that slowly unfurls its flavo…